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Find language partners and schedule meetings with ease!

Langito is a meeting hub, where people from all around the world can develop language skills, discover culture and share experiences.

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How is langito different from other tools?

Langito’s goal is to gather serious learners who strive to improve their speaking skills.

That is why we are doing things differently... and we are making it happen.

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How does it work?


Users have calendars where they can choose the perfect time slot - it means they are ready for a conversation in arranged time.

Meeting requests

You can browse users by languages and preferred time. When you find somebody that fits your needs then use the option Book Meeting - it’s a few steps form where you can confirm time, language and write a message to your partner. User will receive request and confirm that it works for them.

Meeting time

For the meetings popular communication tools are used. We support Skype, Google Meet, Zoom and WeChat. You choose which one you want to use - the more you add the more you are reachable.

At the determined time just open your tool and reach the partner using provided credentials.

That is the way we are making it happen.

Would you like to join us and improve your skills?

We prepared an instruction how to start, find communication tools identifiers and send meeting requests. We support you in making first steps and we are here to help you so do not hesitate to reach us.

What will you find?

People from all around the world that are ready for the language practice, exchange, that want to share life experience, talk about travels, cultures, ideas, support each other, laugh, have fun and great time. We are here to grow and make difference.

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